Spock Ko-fu Sarek (science_blues) wrote,
Spock Ko-fu Sarek

Decorations (Open )

(OOC - Set sometime after the away mission in Christmas-wobble-time.)

It was, perhaps, inappropriate to afford a section of the ship's power to the replication of decorations. Spock, however, was quite convinced that the representative nature of the replicated flora more than forgave the indulgence. Despite being convinced of this, it did occur to her that she should have requested permission before creating the item.

As the faux pas had already been committed, it was illogical to ruminate upon it. If it were an issue, she would apologise and offer appropriate recompence. Until such time as that deliberation were established, she would display it as was traditional.

Spock stepped away from the threshold of her temporarily allocated quarters and looked up at the hanging ornamental plant. It had an appropriate symbolism, even if the bow and bell were not precisely related. Nevertheless, it was how she had learned to display the object and appeared to do no harm.

"Insufficient," Spock decreed aloud and cocked her head 2 degrees counter clockwise. It required adjusting, though what specific variety of adjustment currently eluded her.
Tags: actions, celebratory measures, incorrect, time is relative
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